how to follow up on a job application by phone

She says it’s important to thank the person for taking the time to meet with you, whether it was for 15 minutes or a whole afternoon. While not mandatory, Pong insists that sending a short email expressing gratitude is something everyone should get in the habit of doing after any kind of interview. Any application process can prompt nervousness or anxiety, but competency based interviews – and in particular competency based interview questions… If the interviewer didn’t give you a timeframe, then you should wait business days to send a follow-up email after an interview with no response, as a general rule. The comments were full of hiring managers saying they agreed.

Take a look at the team page of the company website and take a guess at who deals with the HR. I may sound like a broken record, but the most important thing to remember throughout the whole job hunting process is to stay calm and don’t panic. I usually give an initial telephone call to see if I can chat to someone about the role, just to see whether it would be suitable – and, therefore, worth applying for. It also puts a voice to the name when you do inevitably email in your CV. We’re committed to the employment and career development of people with disabilities, long term health conditions or neurodiverse conditions. As with face-to-face interviews, video interviews can help showcase you, your skills and personality.


Following up is a key skill in startup land where things typically don’t happen unless YOU make them happen. Being strict about this forces you to think carefully about what to include and exclude. Spend some serious time on this – even in a world with online CVs, portfolios, and LinkedIn profiles, it is incredibly important to nail the basic CV. As a general rule of thumb, include less detail for things that happened further in the past and more detail for recent experience. Obviously tweak this if required for a specific role to showcase the most relevant bits. “To whom it may concern” and “Dear Sir/Madam” are both relics from the days when cover letters were actual letters. These are probably too formal for an email to a startup.

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College advice from high school counselors.

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Whatever the answer, make sure you make a note of the key information supplied and any dates. Thank you for letting me know your decision about the job vacancy that I attended the interview how to follow up on a job application for. It takes time to find a job that fits your skill set and fulfils you. So, try not to get despondent and instead invest your energy in finding the role that’s right for you.

Four Types of Tests You Might Face During the Interview Process

I understand and feel the frustration, IT contractor of many years standing and I have to go through this almost every year. It feels like the recruiters are a bunch of filthy mannered trash, but I also know they face a great deal of pressure. They have to ‘sell’ who they think best placed to win; they get hundreds of applications per role and responding to everyone is near impossible, so I can see their side of it too. If you work in a creative discipline, you could also use this opportunity to show off your skills. Sketches, samples or even sending a slick-looking business card across could all be cute ways to show you really care about your career. Put a few short sentences together thanking them for their time in reading your application, and ask directly if there are any questions they have regarding your CV or credentials for the job.

  • Emailing/calling the company to check the progress of your application might seem like a way of showing initiative, but it could come across as pestering your potential employer.
  • Remember that the company may be hiring for several positions, especially if it’s a larger business, so start by stating the exact position you’re applying for.
  • If they get back to you, the reason is so shallow that you wonder if they are competent for their roles.
  • And there are a ton of resources on the internet with ideas and suggestions for approaching your interviewers before, during, and after the process.
  • First and foremost your thank you email should thank the interviewer for taking the time to see you.
  • Don’t reach out to a hiring manager or recruiter for help and assistance only to go AWOL.

Visit the company website, competitor sites and read relevant journals and news articles. Avoid checking the internet for information once you’ve answered the interviewer’s call.

Sending a follow-up email after an interview via phone / video call

You’re probably emailing a generic mailbox like jobs@ so immediately state the position you’re applying for. We’re not here to tell you to create funny video applications or infographic CVs, work for free, or advertise yourself on Facebook. We’re showing you four basic rules for applying to any job.

best linux distro for network engineers

Gentoo comes recommended for those who want to have a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of the Linux operating system. Debian Testing is a rolling release and provides the latest software versions that are yet to be accepted into the stable release.

It is one of the most modern Linux distros and sports a very beautiful-looking user interface. Gentoo is an operating system based on Linux; it is developed using the Portage package management system. This is one of a kind operating system that can be automatically optimized and customized for any application or user needs. Some of the notable features are web-based administration, easy system updates via Debian package management, volume management, IPv6 support, email notifications, file sharing, and many more. Fedora is a free and open-source Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat and supported by many other companies. The latest release is Fedora 34, which comes with many features, including GNOME 40, updated Python 3 and NodeJS, and updated hardware support. Raspberry Pi OS sports a lightweight Pixel desktop environment, making it an ideal operating system for older computers.

What is the Best Linux Distribution That is Like Mac OS?

The Linux OS kernel was first released in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, who still oversees kernel development as part of a large development community. Linux runs most of the cloud, most of the web, and pretty much every noteworthy supercomputer. If you use Android or one of its derivatives, your phone runs an OS with a modified Linux kernel, and Linux is embedded in everything from set-top boxes to autonomous cars. Linux, or GNU/Linux to acknowledge the large number of packages from the GNU OS that are commonly used alongside the Linux kernel, is a hugely popular open-source UNIX-like operating system. Since all these Linux distros for hacking are free, anyone can use them to get their hacking career started.

  • It’ll run on almost anything, from a 486 to a Raspberry Pi, to your latest gaming PC, with support for x86, amd64, and ARM CPUs.
  • It requires a lot of Linux knowledge to install and keep running.
  • Bugtraq is available with the XFCE, GNOME and KDE desktop environments, in Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSUSE versions.
  • Developed by a small group of cybersecurity specialists, the BlackArch software offers over two thousand tools dedicated to penetration testing.
  • Through Pacman, users also get a suite of tools with Arch Build System for compiling and customizing software packages.

NodeZero was built around the Ubuntu distribution of the original Linux software as a complete system designed with penetration testing in mind. Penetration testing, or ethical hacking, is a key responsibility for those in the cybersecurity industry. It comes with a large amount of penetration testing tools from various fields of security and forensics.

Which Linux Distribution Is Most Flexible And Best Suited For Day To Day And Administrative Tasks?

Furthermore, Debian boasts one of the largest repositories of open source software, so you won’t have much trouble finding and installing your favorite programming tools and libraries. In fact, Ubuntu is the chosen distro of the Android Open Source Project for building source files. The Android build is regularly tested using the most recent versions of Ubuntu.

  • Despite the controversy surrounding the latest release – Mint 20 – dropping snap support by default, Mint remains a stable, powerful and outstanding Linux distribution.
  • Also included are security fixes that address pre-existing security issues.
  • Some of the best picks on our list feature interfaces that are very similar to older versions of Windows.
  • Rescatux comes with many useful tools to fix the issues with corrupted Linux and Windows installations.

It also offers security features like two-factor authentication, routing protocols, and web filtering. It comes with a modern-looking user interface, which is very easy to use even for first-time users. It is a full-featured operating system based on Linux operating system; it can be used for daily use at home and professional tasks at the organization. This Linux distro is a whole package with useful tools like internet browsers and a lightweight office suite to match your needs. Debian is reliable and one of the most secure Linux operating systems. Debian is the base for various popular Linux distros such as Ubuntu, and SteamOS, etc. Deepin is a Debian-based Linux distribution featuring a deepin desktop environment.


Gentoo is a source-based meta distro that can help you create lightning quick bloat-free installation. The catch however is that just like Arch, installing Gentoo Front End Developer Jobs in Amsterdam w isn’t for the faint of heart. The Sabayon Linux takes the best of Gentoo and wraps it in an easy to consume distro that caters to all kinds of users.

Unlike other variations of the Linux operating system, Kali Linux’s developer is a world-class provider of information security and penetration training. Asp Net Mvc Developer Razor C Jobs Apply Now In addition to providing an ideal operating system for use by cybersecurity personnel, Offensive Security helps train the professionals.

What is Linux?

If you do not have an aversion to the Unity interface, Ubuntu is a good option as well. I spend most of my time in a browser or terminal, so Unity is rarely mucked with. We have CentOS servers that I have some responsibility for, so I use CentOS for 12 Best Web Development Certifications Free & Paid my workstation. Makes it easier to test updates, new packages etc before adding them to servers. You build a familiarity that makes your server work go a lot faster. To gain that amount of privacy, it tunnels all the traffic through the Tor network.

  • BackTrack changed its name to Kali in 2013 after this Linux distro was re-based around Debian instead of Ubuntu.
  • It is fully customizable Linux distribution and ships with some commonly used pre-installed applications.
  • The action you just performed triggered the security solution.
  • Linux is the most popular operating system among hackers and pentesters.

In that case, System 76’s Pop OSis the best Linux distro for you. Pop OS was initially made by System 76 for their open-source line of computer hardware. Because System 76 adheres to an open-source philosophy, their Pop OS is also freely available. ComWare– HP acquired 3Com to build out its networking business, the ComWare operating system has been at the centre of the HP Networking for big iron. It runs on the chassis-based switches and WAN routers, has a broad range of features and protocols.

Top Observability Tools for IT Administrators in 2022

The open-source software framework is used to build the cloud and server software distribution. The avionics, the systems that maintain the station in orbit and keep the atmosphere breathable, are run on Linux, whereas general support is provided by Windows. DENT will utilize the Linux Kernel, Switchdev, and other Linux based projects as the basis for building a new standardized network operating system without abstractions or overhead.

Why Linux is preferred more for networking give concrete reasons?

Linux is without doubt the most secure kernel out there, making Linux based operating systems secure and suitable for servers. To be useful, a server needs to be able to accept requests for services from remote clients, and a server is always vulnerable by permitting some access to its ports.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which linux distro is best for you. The Apache server is an efficient and popular web server that powers millions of websites. It is a popular open source platform that is secure, stable, and scalability-friendly. Small and medium-sized websites can benefit from the use of nginx. A high-speed web server is used by websites with large amounts of traffic.

Linux Mint

But, if you’re serious about testing the Linux kernel, then Manjaro is for you. Sometimes, however, when you’re running a leading-edge distro, you can cut yourself. There’s a reason why Fedora’s also known as a bleeding-edge Linux. Get all the quality content you’ll ever need to stay ahead with a Packt subscription – access over 7,500 online books and videos on everything in tech.

By unifying the stack, it makes it simple and adaptable to business requirements. Linux is a better networking platform because it is more affordable, scalable, easier to learn, and adaptable to meet network needs. Linux is a fantastic operating system because it is not limited by its specific programming language. Customers can use their own applications on the server of an VPS, which is created to replicate its own operating system. As a general rule, you can select the server that will be used in-house.